At Will Employment

At Will Employment Injury Lawyers in New York

At Will Employment Injury Lawyers

Employed “at will” & hurt on the job?

At Will Employment is a legal employment status where no written employment contract exists.  

The employee is allowed to quit the job at any time and will not be in breach of any employment agreement. 

Likewise, the Employer may terminate the employment at any time and for any reason, or for no reason at all, except for certain discriminatory reasons.

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New York State follows this legal employment arrangement.  Without a contract, there are few employment commitments imposed by law.

If you have been improperly fired from your job, a complaint with the New York State and Federally authorities should be filed within thirty (30) days.

While employers are generally exempt from large damage awards for pain and suffering, a “third party claim” can be filed against any other negligent companies or individuals involved.

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