Peroni Beer Discriminates Against Non-Italians, Sales Rep Alleges

A Manhattan public relations associate has filed suit against Peroni Beer. Elisabeth Spano alleges the beverage company repeatedly denied her a promotion in a cruel act of ethnic discrimination.

Peroni allegedly reserved a top PR position for “Italians Only”. Spano was born in the United States.

Spano, an at will employee, claims she was the highest rated performer for growth amongst her colleagues. Nevertheless, ethnic discrimination by management resulted in her twice being denied a promotion.  The sought-after position of senior brand developer was awarded to lesser qualified Italian nationals in both instances.

The emotionally distressed public relations representative alleges she was fully qualified for the senior position in all respects, and was dedicated to the business. Spano also had experience performing public relations services for the Miller-Coors company, which owns Peroni Beer.

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Ethnic Discrimination Against Public Relations Associate

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