Teacher Hit By 2 Vehicles in Nostrand Ave. Tragedy

A Brooklyn school teacher was hit by 2 vehicles while walking to work on January 3, 2017.

Whenever a pedestrian is hit by two vehicles, the drivers’ insurance companies will argue over which vehicle is responsible for the majority of the injuries.

One of the automobiles that struck the woman was a sport utility vehicle (SUV). These large vehicles are raised higher off the ground than a sedan or sports car.  Accordingly, they frequently cause more damage in accidents.

However, the second vehicle that struck the victim was a yellow school bus. These heavy motor vehicles can be hard to slow down when traveling at high speeds, and collisions can be catastrophic.

Unfortunately in this case, the 29 year old pedestrian died of her wounds at Mount Sinai Brooklyn Hospital.

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Woman hit by 2 vehicles in crosswalk

Hit by 2 Vehicles in Crosswalk

The accident occurred along Nostrand Avenue near the intersection with Kings Highway, as the woman was walking to the Ridgewood Queens school where she was employed.  The two vehicles hit the woman at the relatively high speeds travelled on these busy roadways.

Because the accident occurred during a commute to work, a legal claim for additional compensation can be filed by the victim’s family under New York’s Worker Compensation Law.

In addition, claims for negligence can be filed against the owners and drivers of both the SUV and the school bus.

Drivers of the 2 vehicles that hit the woman both remained at the scene. Witness accounts indicate the driver of the SUV failed to yield to the pedestrian as she lawfully crossed the street using the crosswalk at the traffic light.  The accident occurred in the early morning hours at 6:45 am.  Visibility may have been obstructed by the absence of sunlight at this hour.

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