This Snow Removal Device Makes Snow More Dangerous

Our snow blower injury lawyer represents building workers, motorists, passengers and pedestrians injured by snow blowers, snow plows and related snow & ice removal equipment.

New York City is known for its tall buildings. When snow falls in NYC, property managers role out a variety of tools to combat the hazardous weather.

Building workers are generally expected to pour salt on sidewalks when snowfall is expected. In addition, property maintenance workers will shovel snow both as it falls and afterwards.

These measures are intended to protect pedestrians, including handicap persons protected by the Americans With Disabilities Act.

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Snow Blower Injury Claims on the Rise

Snow blower injury lawyer protects workers hurt clearing snow from sidewalks

Technological advances in snow plow science have produced a variety of miniature tractors and trucks designed to operate on sidewalks. These all-terrain vehicles are equipped to efficiently remove fallen snow from the sidewalk in front of commercial buildings.

These powerful trucks are often equipped with snow blowers that blast snow in all directions. The mini snow plow trucks use a large roller brush to dig up and blast away snow and ice. 

The large roller brush is shaped like a steamroller. However, instead of having a smooth roller, the roller is loaded with firm bristles similar to those on a toothbrush.

These snow blowers create a fog of snow that pedestrians and motor vehicles must pass through.

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Snow Blower Injury Claims

The obscured vision created by these dense snow clouds creates a hazard of its own, where personal injury accidents may occur. Common snow blower injury claims of this kind include falls and collisions with other people or vehicles.

The snow blower operator’s vision can likewise be reduced by the cloud of snow produced by the powerful plow. The snow blower can strike a pedestrian or run over the foot of an unsuspecting victim.

When a property maintenance workers is injured by a snow blower on the job, a Workers Compensation Claim should be filed with the employer.

Snow Blower Injury Lawyer

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