Al Sharpton’s Daughter Went Dancing on Sprained Ankle, Jeopardizing Lawsuit

Dominique Sharpton’s lawsuit against the City of New York has come under fire. Al Sharpton’s daughter’s lawsuit claims her personal injury entitles her to huge compensation for future medical care, lost wages and pain & suffering.

The 30 year old New Yorker allegedly tripped on cracked pavement on Broome Street in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan in October 2014. Dominique Sharpton’s lawsuit complains of a sprained ankle, and seeks $5,000,000 compensation.

However, in her recent deposition, Ms. Sharpton acknowledged attending a party and dancing on her ankle shortly after the injury was sustained. In addition, this high profile plaintiff admitted going on a hiking trip, as well as other physical activity.

These revelations cast doubt on the merits of Dominique Sharpton’s lawsuit.

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In addition to doubting the seriousness of her injury, NYC’s defense attorneys are attributing Ms. Sharpton’s plight to a pre-existing medical condition.

Back in 2008, Ms. Sharpton was allegedly struck by an automobile while crossing West 145th Street in Manhattan.  Dominique Sharpton’s lawsuit in the 2008 case was settled in 2012 for a confidential sum of money.  She was represented in that matter by the law firm of Rubenstein & Rynecki, which has been affiliated with Rev. Al Sharpton.

Accordingly, New York’s defense attorney argued the pain and suffering Ms. Sharpton claims following her fall in SoHo is partially attributed to her pre-existing injury from 2008.

Nevertheless, the closely watched Al Sharpton’s daughter’s lawsuit will proceed toward trial, where a jury will determine the extent of the City’s liability.

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