New York Fire Escape Injury Lawyers – Broken Fire Escape Accident?

New York Fire Escape Injury Lawyers. Thousands of buildings in New York City are equipped with cast iron fire escapes.  These emergency evacuation systems are intended to make homes and office buildings more safe.

However, when a fire escape is outdated or poorly maintained, its existence may in fact make the building more dangerous.

NYC Local Law 11 requires building owners to regularly inspect and repair their building’s facade. This includes maintenance of fire escapes and related structures or equipment.

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New York Fire Escape Injury Lawyers

Fell on a Fire Escape?

Common Causes of Fire Escape Accidents:


● Workplace Injury

● Construction Site Injury

Tourist Accidents

Common Fire Escape Injuries:

Broken Bones

Head Injury

Organ Damage


Hurt on a Fire Escape?

If you have been hurt in a fire escape accident, a claim for money damages can be filed against the building owner and property management company.

Most residential and commercial buildings in New York City maintain substantial insurance policies to cover these claims.

Use of Fire Escape as a Balcony

Many people decorate their fire escapes with flower pots and small house plants. In addition, fire escapes are frequently used to hang wet laundry to dry.

Even more daring, many New York apartment dwellers have taken to using fire escapes as a balcony.

Guest Falls Off Fire Escape While Smoking Cigarette

AK was visiting a friend at a rental apartment in Manhattan’s East Village. One of the windows in the apartment opened up onto an emergency fire escape.

This particular fire escape used an old fashion vertical ladder as part of the escape route. Accordingly, the fire escape failed to comply with NYC Building Code regulations.

AK had been drinking alcohol and improperly used the fire escape as a balcony to smoke a cigarette. Tragically, AK fell through an opening in the fire escape platform. AK landed on the roof of a neighboring building approximately 12 feet below.  The fall severed her spine, immediately paralyzing her.

After trial, AK received an award of $29,000,000 for her injuries attributed to the negligence of the building owner.

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