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When illegal conduct results in personal injuries, a lawsuit for money damages can be filed in court.

Criminal accidents are often caused by one or more individuals.  However, illegal conduct can also be committed by corporations, small businesses and other organizations & institutions.

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Hurt in a Criminal Accident?

Our New York City criminal accident lawyers represent victims sustaining a serious bodily injury as a result of unlawful conduct.

We represent pedestrians, fraud victims, police officers and emergency service first responders.

If you have be seriously injured as a result of someone else’s wrongful conduct, call us for a free case evaluation today.

We fight for maximum victim compensation in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and throughout the New York City area.

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New York Bar & Club Injury Lawyers – Negligent Security in Bar Fight?

Hurt at a Nightclub or Bar in New York City? New York law requires bar and club owners operate their businesses in a manner that is safe for the public. This includes maintaining restaurant furniture such as tables and chairs, repairing facilities including banquet rooms, bathrooms, elevators, stairwells and doorways. […]

Drunk Driver Accident & Injury Lawyers in New York

New York Ambulance Injury Lawyers

New York Ambulance Injury Lawyers.  In a series of stunning news reports, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) & paramedics have been accused of criminal negligence in the performance of their official duties. The alleged wrongful conduct includes numerous incidents of failure to render aid when called upon to act.  Moreover, one team […]

New York Accident Lawyers

New York Driving on Drugs Accident Lawyers

New York Driving on Drugs Accident Lawyers Hit by a Drugged Driver? A driver on drugs navigated his automobile in the wrong direct against traffic on 7th Avenue in Manhattan.  The drugged driver careened onto the sidewalk in Times Square, reportedly striking 23 pedestrians and bystanders. An 18 year old […]

New York Car Accident Lawyers

New York Police Chase Accident Lawyers

New York Police Chase Accident Lawyers Hurt by Vehicle Being Chased by Police? In a densely packed city like New York, a high speed police chase can put innocent civilians in harms way. If you have been struck by a vehicle being chased by the police, call our personal injury lawyers […]

New York Car Accident Lawyers

New York Limousine Accident Lawyers – Hurt in Car Service or Party Bus?

New York Limousine Accident Lawyers Hurt in a Limo or Party Bus? If you have been hurt in a “For Hire Vehicle” (FHV), be sure to obtain the license plate number and driver identification information if possible. These oversize vehicles often present safety hazards on the streets of New York City. […]

New York Limousine Accident Lawyers

New York Teacher Abuse Lawyers – Physical or Sexual Assault?

New York Teacher Abuse Lawyers Faculty member assaulted student? Teachers and educators have a special responsibility when children are under their supervision. When a physical or sexual assault occurs at school, the child is at risk of lasting psychological injury. In addition, the developing skeletal system of a child is […]

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New York Fire Escape Injury Lawyers – Broken Fire Escape Accident?

New York Fire Escape Injury Lawyers. Thousands of buildings in New York City are equipped with cast iron fire escapes.  These emergency evacuation systems are intended to make homes and office buildings more safe. However, when a fire escape is outdated or poorly maintained, its existence may in fact make […]

New York Fire Escape Injury Lawyers

Police Car Accident Caused by Officer’s Embarrassing Mistake

A police car accident left four automobiles smashed along Sedgwick Avenue just off Fordham Road in the Bronx. But in a bizarre twist, there were no police officers were in the vicinity. Police Car Accident Lawyer Reviews the Facts Shortly after 6:00 a.m. on Sunday October 23, 2016, an NYPD […]

Police Car Accident Lawyer

Gas Leak Blows the Roof off a Bronx House, Killing Fireman

A residential house exploded on Sept. 27, 2016, shattering the calm on West 234th Street in the Kingsbridge neighborhood of the Bronx. The New York City Fire Department responded to the home after neighbors reported smelling gas. A search of the house by FDNY and police revealed an illicit business […]

Fire Lawyer

Mother Accidentally Stabbed with Needle in Preventable Accident

A needle stick injury lawsuit against Target retailer was recently decided by a jury. The case was filed by a woman who went shopping at the store with her young child. As they were walking through the parking lot, the little boy found a medical syringe lying on the pavement. […]

NYC Hospital Law Firm

Abusive Homeowner Forced Housekeeper to Sleep on Floor

Our NY housekeeper abuse lawyer represents domestic workers mistreated or underpaid by the home owner. Household staff frequently victimized by employers include: ● Home Health Aid ● Nanny & Babysitter ● Housekeeper, Maid & Butler ● Personal Chef ● Driver / Chauffer ● Personal Assistant In the case of Angela […]

Lodging Injury Lawsuit

Emergency Landing as Pilot Blinded by This Hi-Tech Danger

A Trans-Atlantic flight to New York’s JFK Airport was forced to make an emergency landing when the Pilot was blinded by an attack from outside of the aircraft. The Virgin Atlantic flight had departed from Heathrow Airport in London, United Kingdom. As the plane was ascending into the atmosphere, a […]

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