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Hidden black ice disguises itself from view. 

However, a property owner can remain liable for resulting injuries.

Our ice accident experts investigate ice, slip and skid accidents to prove liability and seek monetary damages.

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Sheet of Ice Accident Lawyers

Slipped on a sheet of ice? Snow storms and freezing cold weather create treacherous conditions throughout New York City. Every winter, pedestrians and commuters are seriously injured in slip and fall accidents. In March 2017, the stairs of New York City Subway entrances were so dangerous that people had to […]

Icey Sidewalk in New York City

Surprise Plunge Into An Ice Cold Danger

Frozen Lake Accident Lawyers.  When a lake ices over, the magical scene can look like a winter wonderland.  However, walking on a frozen lake or pond is extremely dangerous.  Those who do so risk a possible fall through the ice and potential drowning. Hurt in a Fall Through Ice? Call […]

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This Snow Removal Device Makes Snow More Dangerous

Our snow blower injury lawyer represents building workers, motorists, passengers and pedestrians injured by snow blowers, snow plows and related snow & ice removal equipment. New York City is known for its tall buildings. When snow falls in NYC, property managers role out a variety of tools to combat the […]

Snow & ice cleared on courtyard in New York

Invisible Danger Is Leading Cause of Slip & Fall Injuries

If you have slipped on ice and hit your head, you are already aware of the hidden hazard that turns up on the sidewalks of New York City every winter. Invisible “black ice” often accumulates around dips and curves in a sidewalk where it leads into the crossway. Black ice […]

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