Jury Pulls Trigger of Cop’s Gun in Accidental Shooting

New York accidental shooting lawyers have concluded the trial of former NYPD Officer Peter Liang.

A New York jury has convicted the former law enforcement officer of the accidental shooting death of Akai Gurley at the Pink Houses Complex in East New York, Brooklyn.

Liang, a rookie New York police officer had been on patrol for illegal activity at the Brooklyn housing site. When the policeman was checking out one of the apartment buildings, he entered a dark hallway with his gun drawn.

This approach was made pursuant to the police academy training manual Officer Liang had received as a cadet.

When officer Liang was surprised by the dark encounter with a neighbor, Akai Gurley, his police department issued Glock handgun accidently fired one shot, which struck and killed Mr. Gurley.

Officer Liang claimed in his own defense that the accidental shooting resulted from a gun mis-fire, and that he never pulled the trigger.

Jurors where given the chance to pull the trigger on Officer Liang’s firearm to see whether it was capable of an accidental shooting. The jurors concluded that a substantial amount of pressure was required to be placed on the trigger before it could go off. 

Accordingly, the jury rejected the officer’s accidental shooting claim.

In rendering their verdict on February 12, 2016, the jury in the trial of Officer Liang found the shooting did not occur as a result of the police officer’s gun “just going off” with the Officer having pulled the trigger.

The jury’s verdict represented frustrations have with the perception of police brutality by many New York officers.

Officer Liang was convicted of manslaughter, and immediately discharged as an employee of the New York Police Department. His sentencing is scheduled to occur in a few weeks, after the defendant cop has time to file an appeal.

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