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New York Bar & Club Injury Lawyers – Negligent Security in Bar Fight?

Hurt at a Nightclub or Bar in New York City? New York law requires bar and club owners operate their businesses in a manner that is safe for the public. This includes maintaining restaurant furniture such as tables and chairs, repairing facilities including banquet rooms, bathrooms, elevators, stairwells and doorways. […]

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Ford Explorer Carbon Monoxide Lawyers – Fumes Caused Accident?

Ford Explorer Carbon Monoxide Lawsuits A fleet of Ford Explorer motor vehicles has been taken out of service by the police following reports of carbon monoxide poisoning.  Police officers driving the automobiles experienced light headedness as exhaust fumes leaked into the vehicles.  One police officer passed out unconscious and crashed […]

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New York FBI Agent Injury Lawyers – Hurt in Field or Office?

New York FBI Agent Injury Lawyers FBI Employee Hurt on the Job? Call our workers compensation and personal injury attorneys for a free legal consultation. We fight for accident and injury victims in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and throughout the New York region. No Legal Fee Unless You Win Accidents […]

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New York Police Chase Accident Lawyers

New York Police Chase Accident Lawyers Hurt by Vehicle Being Chased by Police? In a densely packed city like New York, a high speed police chase can put innocent civilians in harms way. If you have been struck by a vehicle being chased by the police, call our personal injury lawyers […]

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Police Killed Dog in Attack – Shot Pit Bull 5 Times

Police Shot Dog Charging Officer Police Killed Dog during Attack An NYPD officer shot a dog 5 times during an early morning attack.  The policemen were responding to an apartment building on Plaza Street in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, when the pit bull unexpectedly charged the officer. Accidents · Injury Call […]

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New York Crowd Injury Lawyers

New York Crowd Injury Lawyers Accidents · Injury Call or Text: (212) 221-9893 Hurt in a Crowd of People or Stampede? Loud Noise Sets Off Panic at Crowded Penn Station Mayhem ensued at Penn Station in April 2017 when a loud noise sent everyone running.  However, the noise was not a bomb […]

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Can an NYC Employee Sue the City for a Work Injury?

Under certain circumstances, an NYC Employee Can Sue the City of New York for a work injury. Ordinarily, when an employee is hurt at work, they cannot sue their employer. Instead, the injured employee will need to file a Workers Compensation claim to cover lost wages, medical bills and other expenses.  […]

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Police Car Accident Caused by Officer’s Embarrassing Mistake

A police car accident left four automobiles smashed along Sedgwick Avenue just off Fordham Road in the Bronx. But in a bizarre twist, there were no police officers were in the vicinity. Police Car Accident Lawyer Reviews the Facts Shortly after 6:00 a.m. on Sunday October 23, 2016, an NYPD […]

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Jury Pulls Trigger of Cop’s Gun in Accidental Shooting

New York accidental shooting lawyers have concluded the trial of former NYPD Officer Peter Liang. A New York jury has convicted the former law enforcement officer of the accidental shooting death of Akai Gurley at the Pink Houses Complex in East New York, Brooklyn. Liang, a rookie New York police officer had […]

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