Scalding Hot Water Burns Restaurant & Hotel Guests

New York Scalding Water Burn Lawyers. Burned by hot water?  People love hot water in the shower and for coffee or tea.  However, when the water is too hot it can cause serious injury.

Scalding water burns are very painful, and can require the burn victim to apply cooling and healing ointments to the skin for many weeks. In addition, a person seriously burned by hot water may require a skin graft to replace damaged skin cells.

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Burned by Hot Water at Restaurant

When a person orders a cup of coffee or tea at a restaurant or deli, they are expecting to receive a piping hot beverage. However, sometimes the restaurant over heats their boiling hot water, and serves a drink that is dangerously hot and not suitable for its intended purpose.

Drinking a scalding hot water will likely burn a person’s tongue. In addition, when the beverage is served in a paper cup, the cup itself may be too hot for a person to safely hold with their bare hand.

For this reason, some coffee shops provide a protective sleeve to slide over a coffee cup, providing an extra layer of protection between the paper cup and your fingers.

Nevertheless, when a hot beverage is too hot, a person may slip or drop the drink, burning their hands, arms and legs.

Scalding Water Burn in Apartment or Hotel

Regardless of the temperature outside, people almost always want warm water in the shower. Warm and hot water can release the active ingredients in soaps and shampoo, and can sooth the body’s aches and pains.

However, when the shower is too hot, a scalding water burn can leave a tenant scarred and in pain.

A landlord or hotel operator is required to maintain the safety of the boiler and water heating system. If a person is burned by hot water flowing from the shower or sink, a claim for legal compensation can be filed in court.

Travelers on vacation may not be familiar with the water temperature at their hotel.  In the extreme case of Ethel Tropez v. Hotel Chandler, a Midtown Manhattan hotel guest fainted and passed out as a result of the extremely hot shower water.  The woman lay in the shower stall unconscious, being burned by the scalding hot water for half an hour before being found.  The medical treatment required for the third degree burns included multiple skin grafts and lengthy hospital stays.

Scalding Hot Water Burn Lawyers

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