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New York Stationary Bike Accident Lawyers – Bike Class Injury?

New York Stationary Bike Accident Lawyers Hurt in a Biking Class? A New Yorker was seriously injured in a SoulCycle class while on vacation in Los Angeles.  The female biker was impaled while attempting to dismount the stationary bike, according to a new lawsuit filing.  The bike class victim claims her leg got […]

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New York Landslide Lawyers – Hurt in a Mudslide or Avalanche?

New York Landslide Lawyers Hurt in Soil, Snow or Rock Slide? Weak soil and heavy storms can cause landslides on mountains, cliffs and public roadways.  In addition, vibrations caused by a falling tree or nearby explosion can ignite a similar catastrophe. When these hazardous conditions cause a portion of the […]

NYC Accident & Injury Lawyers

Scalding Hot Water Burns Restaurant & Hotel Guests

New York Scalding Water Burn Lawyers. Burned by hot water?  People love hot water in the shower and for coffee or tea.  However, when the water is too hot it can cause serious injury. Scalding water burns are very painful, and can require the burn victim to apply cooling and […]

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Dive Into Swimming Pool Accident Law

A swimming pool accident can result from a variety of pool side hazards. Wet tile floors present a clear slip and fall danger.  Alcoholic beverages at resort clubs make the risks much worse. Accidents inside a swimming pool present a risk of drowning or brain damage from lack of oxygen. […]

Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer

Wildest Animal Attacks Child at Theme Park

A two-year old boy died in a wild animal attack while on vacation at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The toddler was playing with his sister along the shore of the amusement park’s Seven Seas Lagoon. This lake-like water body provides theme park guests an opportunity to interact with central Florida’s natural […]

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