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A swimming pool accident can result from a variety of pool side hazards. Wet tile floors present a clear slip and fall danger.  Alcoholic beverages at resort clubs make the risks much worse.

Accidents inside a swimming pool present a risk of drowning or brain damage from lack of oxygen.

Owners and operators of swimming pools must maintain the premises in a safe condition.

This obligation is heightened at swimming pools open to the public as a business.

Public pool operators must provide on duty life guards. In addition, they must be ready for emergencies with water flotation devices, life preservers, rescue equipment, and first aid.  Rescue breathing or C.P.R. must be available for a patron who passes out from lack of oxygen due to water in the lungs. 

This emergency preparedness is required even at non-profit and city operated pools.

In addition, No Diving signs must be on display by shallow water.

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Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer

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However, homeowners with a swimming pool in the backyard only must warn guests about unseen hazards. These unseen hazards are potentially dangerous conditions that a reasonable person would not recognize on their own. 

For example, a pool drain that could catch a swimmers clothing must be properly covered to prevent risk of an accidental drowning.

Public and private pools must also use fences to secure the premises from unauthorized access, especially by children. However, if a trespasser does gain access, the owner is generally not liable for any injuries resulting from an accident.

Common Swimming Pool Injuries:

Broken Bones

Brain Injury

Organ Damage


Slip & Fall

● Workplace Injury

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