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Ferry & Boat Accidents

Staten Island Ferry Accidents

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● Cruise Ship Accidents

● Sailing & Speed Boat Accidents

● Jet Ski Accidents

 Bridge Accidents 

 Tunnel Accidents

● Hudson River Accidents

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Automobile Accidents


● Workplace Injury

● Construction Site Injury

Tourist Accidents


Broken Bones

Lung Injury

Head Injury

Organ Damage


New York Cable Car Accident Lawyers

New York Cable Car Accident Lawyers Hurt on a Gondola or Chair Lift? Cable cars are an innovative means of transportation across impassable terrain. Manhattan’s Tram utilizes cable cars to transport New Yorkers across the Hudson River, to and from Roosevelt Island. In addition, cable cars are used to ferry […]

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Surprise Plunge Into An Ice Cold Danger

Frozen Lake Accident Lawyers.  When a lake ices over, the magical scene can look like a winter wonderland.  However, walking on a frozen lake or pond is extremely dangerous.  Those who do so risk a possible fall through the ice and potential drowning. Hurt in a Fall Through Ice? Call […]

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Dive Into Swimming Pool Accident Law

A swimming pool accident can result from a variety of pool side hazards. Wet tile floors present a clear slip and fall danger.  Alcoholic beverages at resort clubs make the risks much worse. Accidents inside a swimming pool present a risk of drowning or brain damage from lack of oxygen. […]

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