Street Opens Up & Swallows a Fire Truck

New York Sinkhole Accident Lawyers.  A fire truck dropped into the street while responding to a 911 call on August 1, 2016.

The emergency vehicle fell into a sinkhole while crossing the intersection of Etna Street and Chestnut Street in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn.

The weight of the fire truck caused the street to give way, opening up a huge pothole. Sinkhole accident lawyers investigating the matter estimate the crater spanned 100 square feet.

As the street swallowed the fire truck, it caused the vehicle to come to a slamming halt. The drop into the street combined with the blunt stopping of forward motion caused one fireman to break his back.

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Common Sinkhole Accidents:

● Workplace Accidents

● Construction Site Accidents

● Car Accidents

● Bus Accidents

● Truck Accidents

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NYC Sinkhole Accident Lawyers Investigate Firetruck Crash

The injured fireman, Lt. Brendan Connolly, was riding as a passenger on the hook and ladder rescue vehicle. He was taken by ambulance to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center.  Lt. Connolly is a member of FDNY Engine Company 236.

The broken vertebrae injury requires long term use of a back brace and significant rehabilitation therapy. In addition, the accident victim will need to use a cane while walking.

It is expected he will face retirement from the Fire Department of New York based on physical disability.

A workers compensation claim will cover the victim’s medical expenses and lost wages.  However, workers compensation does not pay for pain & suffering.

Nevertheless, the accident victim may have a claim against the City of New York’s Department of Transportation for failure to maintain the roadway.

Prior notice of the unstable street pavement had been provided to NYC officials. The City is accused of failing to take adequate corrective action.

Within days after the sinkhole accident, the Department of Transportation finally repaired the hazardous condition.

Common Sinkhole Injuries:

Broken Bones

Head Injury

Organ Damage


All Injury Types

NY Sinkhole Accident Lawyers

Hot sun can heat black tar pavement, causing it to soften. As heavy automobiles drive over the street, the soft pavement is pushed and clumped together in certain areas of the street.

Cracked, crumbling and broken cement expose drivers and pedestrians to risk of an accident and bodily injury.

New York pothole accident lawyers investigate motor vehicle accidents caused by damaged street pavement.

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