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NYC Notice of Claim Lawyers File Suit Against Midtown High Rise

Notice of Defective Conditions

Notice of a dangerous condition is vital to a personal injury claim for compensation.

It may be easy for a Plaintiff to prove the Defendant failed to correct a defective condition.

However, if the Defendant was not aware of the defective condition, it could not reasonably be expected to take corrective action.

Therefore, Notification of defective conditions is an important point to be proven in court.

How are Notices of Danger Provided?

There are different ways a Defendant can be “notified” of a dangerous condition on the property. 

If anyone previously reported the danger in writing, the Defendant is considered to have received Prior Written Notice of the dangerous condition.

If someone was previously injured by the same condition, the Defendant may have received Actual Notice of the condition.

Notice of Claim Lawyers

This notification is provided to the Defendant after an accident has occurred.

When a municipality such as the City of New York or an NYC agency is accused of wrongdoing, a Notice of Claim must be filed within ninety (90) days of the accident. 

This same requirement applies to claims against New York State and its state agencies as well.

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***Important Legal Notice***  A Notice of Claim must be properly and timely served upon the City and/or State of New York within 90 days of the accident date. While our attorneys provide free legal consultations, we do not prepare or serve a Notice of Claim unless we are retained to represent the injured party pursuant to a written retainer agreement.

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