New York Limousine Accident Lawyers – Hurt in Car Service or Party Bus?

New York Limousine Accident Lawyers

New York Limousine Accident Lawyers

Hurt in a Limo or Party Bus?

If you have been hurt in a “For Hire Vehicle” (FHV), be sure to obtain the license plate number and driver identification information if possible.

These oversize vehicles often present safety hazards on the streets of New York City.

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New York Limousine Accident Lawyers

A Long Island pickup truck driver collided with a limousine in a horrific perpendicular crash.  Eight girls were riding in the limousine as part of a wine tour adventure.  Four were killed in the crash.

The accident occurred along the North Fork of Long Island, know as wine country, in the town of Cutchogue.  The wine tasting region is prone to drunk drivers.

In this case, the pickup truck driver who struck the limousine was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.  Although he admitted to consuming “a few” alcoholic beverages, authorities were unable to prove his level of intoxication exceeded the legal limit at the time of the crash.  Defense attorneys argued the accident would have occurred even if the pickup truck driver had been completely sober.  The driver avoided jail time in a plea bargain that included a 90 day suspension of his driver license.

The driver may still face civil lawsuits for wrongfully causing the deaths of the four girls.

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