Hudson Yards Construction Accident Lawyers

Hudson Yards Construction Accident Lawyers

Hudson Yards Construction Accident Lawyers

Hurt at a Construction Site on Manhattan’s Far West Side?

More than a dozen high rise buildings are planned or already under construction in the Hudson Yards neighborhood of Manhattan.

The emerging neighborhood is located west of Hells Kitchen, along the Hudson River roughly between West 59th Street and West 34th Street.  The land has historically held railroad tracks, but their use has since been discontinued.

Many construction companies have begun clearing ground at Hudson Yards.  Some have begun erecting new structures that will tower over the Hudson River and Midtown Manhattan.

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Hudson Yards Construction Accident Lawyers

One of the most ambitious real estate development projects planned for Hudson Yards is known as the Big Bend skyscraper.  The tower has been designed as a giant arch, or upside down “U”.  If completed, the building will stand 2,000 feet tall, and 4,000 feet long.

Construction is also underway at various other project around the neighborhood by Extell Development Company, and many others.

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Common Hudson Yards Construction Accidents:


Scaffold Accidents

● Construction Site Accidents

● Workplace Injury

Tourist Accidents

Common Hudson Yards Construction Injuries:

Broken Bones

Head Injury

Organ Damage

Wrongful Death

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