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Metal Frame Injury Lawyers – Bent Steel Accident?

New York Metal Frame Injury Lawyers.  Industrial strength steel is meant to withstand substantial wear and tear without giving way to force or heavy weight objects.  However, metal frames and construction materials may have weak spots where cracks occur or where one piece of metal is attached to another. Cracks […]

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New York Lifting Injury Lawyers – Hurt Raising Heavy Item?

New York Lifting Injury Lawyers Accidents · Injury Call or Text: (212) 221-9893 Hurt Lifting a Heavy Object? Call our personal injury and workers compensation attorneys today.  We file claims for compensation in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Long Island and across the New York region. We fight back when insurance […]

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New York Cement Truck Accident Lawyers – Pouring Cement Injury?

New York Cement Truck Accident Lawyers.  Cement workers take care to maintain safe operation of cement mixers at a job site.  However, sometimes a cement mixture will expose workers to burns and other serious bodily injury. Cement Truck Worker Injury? Our personal injury attorneys represent cement truck workers hurt on the job in Manhattan, […]

New York Cement Truck Accident Lawyers

New York Dump Truck Accident Lawyers

New York Dump Truck Accident Lawyers Hurt in a dump truck accident? Dump trucks are used to transport debris, gravel, rocks, sand and more. A loaded dump truck can weigh several tons.  Due to the hefty weight and load of a dump truck, these vehicle present unique hazards. Whether driving […]

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Surprise Plunge Into An Ice Cold Danger

Frozen Lake Accident Lawyers.  When a lake ices over, the magical scene can look like a winter wonderland.  However, walking on a frozen lake or pond is extremely dangerous.  Those who do so risk a possible fall through the ice and potential drowning. Hurt in a Fall Through Ice? Call […]

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Street Opens Up & Swallows a Fire Truck

New York Sinkhole Accident Lawyers.  A fire truck dropped into the street while responding to a 911 call on August 1, 2016. The emergency vehicle fell into a sinkhole while crossing the intersection of Etna Street and Chestnut Street in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn. The weight of the fire truck caused the […]

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Skinny on Cocktail Waitress Lawsuit against Borgata Casino

A group of cocktail waitresses in Atlantic City NJ have sued their employer for imposing strict beauty and weight requirements.  The waitress lawsuit alleges Borgata Casino subjects female beverage servers to weigh-ins, and terminates those determined to be overweight. Waitress lawyers named Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa as the lead […]

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