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Harvey Weinstein Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Harvey Weinstein Sexual Harassment Lawyers.  Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is accused of inappropriate sexual contact with a growing list of women.  His alleged abuse ranged in geographic location from California to New York, and elsewhere around the globe.  Mr. Weinstein has stepped assigned from his business affiliations with Weinstein & Co., […]

Matt Lauer Sexual Harassment Lawyers – NBC Studios Workplace Misconduct

Matt Lauer Sexual Harassment Lawyers.  Sexual misconduct in the workplace is wrong, and no employee should be subject to such abuse.  In recent and unfortunate revelations, NBC Studios television host Matt Lauer has been accused of a variety of violations regarding his personal conduct at work. Call or Text: (212) […]

New York Teacher Abuse Lawyers – Physical or Sexual Assault?

New York Teacher Abuse Lawyers Faculty member assaulted student? Teachers and educators have a special responsibility when children are under their supervision. When a physical or sexual assault occurs at school, the child is at risk of lasting psychological injury. In addition, the developing skeletal system of a child is […]

NYC School Bus Crash Lawyers

Skinny on Cocktail Waitress Lawsuit against Borgata Casino

A group of cocktail waitresses in Atlantic City NJ have sued their employer for imposing strict beauty and weight requirements.  The waitress lawsuit alleges Borgata Casino subjects female beverage servers to weigh-ins, and terminates those determined to be overweight. Waitress lawyers named Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa as the lead […]

Waitress Lawsuit Attorneys in New York City

Hulk Hogan’s Biggest Win: $115M in Gawker Sex Tape Verdict

Retired professional wrestler Hulk Hogan won a $115 Million jury verdict against Gawker Media and its executives on March 18, 2016. Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, alleged Gawker invaded his privacy by posting a sex tape on its news and gossip website. The tape showed Hogan, who was […]

Hulk Hogan Wins Invasion of Privacy Lawsuit

Why Kesha was Denied Injunction Against Music Producer

Singer sensation Kesha has filed a lawsuit asking a Manhattan judge to nullify her record contract with music producer Dr. Luke. The star cites 10 years of emotional and sexual abuse against her by Dr. Luke. The lawsuit could take years to play out in court. However, Kesha filed an application […]

Kesha is denied a preliminary injunction