Construction Accidents

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New York Construction Accident Lawsuits

When construction accidents occur, injured parties often feel like they’ve entered a legal web of confusion.

Many different factors effect how your claim is handled. 

If the accident involved a sub-contractor or other specialty worker, a claim can be filed with its insurance carrier

However a claim can also be filed against the general contractor responsible for the construction site.

Construction Accidents can also result in claims against the owner of the site where work is performed.

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When construction accidents result from faulty mechanical equipment, a product defect claim may be made against the parts manufacturer.

If the injured party is a construction worker employed at the site, a Workers Compensation claim should be filed with the human resources personnel.  The law provides a short timeframe for proper notification to the employer.

When the accident victim is a pedestrian or bystander, the construction site manager should be promptly alerted of the incident.

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Bulldozer Construction Accidents

Construction Accident Lawsuits in New York

Our construction accidents blog covers recent injury cases of interest. 

As shown in these articles, construction site injuries occur in a variety of ways.  In addition, these accidents result in a variety of legal claims and arguments.   

Our case samples showcase injuries that cause lasting pain and suffering, and that prevent a full return to work.  Moreover, the medical bills and lost income only make the accident hurt more.

Individuals injured at a construction site may be legally entitled to monetary compensation.  However, these injury claims must be filed in a timely manner. 

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Construction Accidents

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Construction Accidents

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Construction Accidents

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