Mother Accidentally Stabbed with Needle in Preventable Accident

A needle stick injury lawsuit against Target retailer was recently decided by a jury. The case was filed by a woman who went shopping at the store with her young child.

As they were walking through the parking lot, the little boy found a medical syringe lying on the pavement.

These hypodermic needles are a tool of heroin users, for injection of the outlawed drug into their veins.

When the mother saw the needle in her son’s hand, she instinctively swatted it to the ground in attempt to protect the boy. However, in doing so the woman accidentally stuck the needle tip into her own hand.

It’s no wonder the matter ended up in the hands of a needle stick injury lawyer.

These accidents are very dangerous because criminal users of illegal intravenous drug are a high risk for infections and contagious disease.

Common infectious disease transmitted by inadvertent needle sticks include HIV and Hepatitis.

Any blood on the syringe nozzle could enter the victim’s blood stream and expose her to infection.

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Common Needle Stick Injuries:

● Workplace Injury

Medical Malpractice

Home Health Aid Injury

Organ Damage

HIV Prevention Medication

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Needle Stick Injury Lawsuit Decided by Jury

The risk of needle stick injuries is no longer confined just to nurse and health care workers while giving a shot to a patient.

The court found that Target was on notice of the dangerous condition in their parking lot.  In other words, the box store retailer knew or should have known of the risks faced by it’s customers.  Accordingly, Target should have done much more to maintain the parking facility.

While the Plaintiff’s medical bills and expenses in this case were limited to $12,000 for emergency care, the jury found her entitled to much more.

The jury awarded the huge sum of $4,600,000, as punitive damages for their negligent maintenance of their premises.

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