Abusive Homeowner Forced Housekeeper to Sleep on Floor

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Household staff frequently victimized by employers include:

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Personal Chef

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Personal Assistant

In the case of Angela Maria Puerta v. Darren & Asmaa Davy, an Upper East Side nanny alleged a long list of abuse inflicted upon her in the home.

Ms. Puerta was employed as a child care nanny, looking after the children of a wealthy New York investment banker.

The nanny is an immigrant from Columbia, South America. She claims the Davys paid her less than $4.50 per hour, in violation of Federal and State minimum wage law. Further, Ms. Puerta claims to have worked more than 125 hours per week, without overtime compensation.

But the terrible pay was just a small portion of the abuse to which the nanny was subjected.

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NY Housekeeper Abuse Lawyer

NY Housekeeper Abuse Lawyer Pleads Case in Court

The nanny’s lawsuit additionally claims Mrs. Davy subjected her to horrible verbal abuse. The lady of the house allegedly said the nanny was “born to clean floors” and treated her like a slave.

According to the complaint, the nanny was required to sleep on a floor cushion in the baby’s room, presumably for child care purposes.  She was monitored by video camera all day every day.

Despite her dedicated service, the nanny was denied time off for both Christmas and Easter during the 2 years she worked for the Davys. Instead, she spent the holidays in “around the clock servitude” to the Davy household. 

This was particularly disturbing for the Catholic housekeeper, who simply wanted to attend prayers at church.

Angela Maria Puerta’s employment was ultimately terminated by her employer while accompanying the Davy family to their vacation home. When Mrs. Puerta was stricken ill, the Davys instructed her to take a bus back to Manhattan, and to never come back.

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