Fall Down Elevator Shaft Lawyers in New York

New York Fall Down Elevator Shaft Lawyers.  Access to elevator shafts should be strictly controlled to prevent accidental falls.  However, when safety precautions break down, building maintenance and elevator repair workers face significant risk of a life threatening fall.

Fall Down Elevator Shaft Lawyers in New York

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Our personal injury and workers compensation attorneys represent laborers hurt or killed in a fall down an elevator shaft.

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Fall Down Elevator Shaft Lawyers in New York

In August 2017, a young construction worker fell down an elevator shaft while working at a construction site in Manhattan.  The exact cause of the 22 year old male’s fall remains unknown.  However, his young age may indicate a lack of substantial elevator shaft work experience.  In addition, inadequate safety precautions may have played a role in the fatal accident.

The hard hat worker was taken by ambulance from the East 30th Street fall site to Bellevue Hospital.  While he arrived in serious condition, the patient died shortly after arrival.

If you or a co-worker or loved one has been seriously injured in an elevator shaft fall, take prompt legal action to protect the right to claim for financial compensation.  Contact our fall down elevator shaft lawyers for a free legal consultation today.  We fight for building workers and pedestrians across New York City and beyond.

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