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Cell Phone Caused Injury?

Cell phone devices are frequently involved in accidents and personal injury claims.

These handy electronic devices pack a powerful punch of features, capability and electric power.

Cellular phones have been implicated in product defect claims, alleging the electronic device exploded in the Plaintiff’s pocket, causing severe burns.

In addition, cell phones are a leading distraction causing motor vehicle accidents on New York’s roadways.

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Cell Phone Accident Lawyers

Cell phone data can be subpoenaed and investigated by a personal injury attorney. 

The telephone & internet data can establish what – if anything – the device was being used for at the time of the accident.  This includes text messaging, voice calls, web browsing, and sleep mode.

Additionally, the data can determine whether the device was paired with a hands free head set at the time of the accident.  This is important, because the law requires use of a hands-free head set while operating an automobile.

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