Lookout Above! Falling Bricks Pummel Upper East Side Street

New York City is no stranger to a falling bricks emergency. 

This past week, bricks fell 30 floors from an Upper East Side building at First Avenue and 63rd Street in Manhattan.  Luckily, the bricks hit the pavement and no bodily injuries were reported.

But the falling bricks rattled Upper East Side residents and pedestrians passing through from Manhattan, Bronx, Queens & Brooklyn.  Spectators stared in amazement at the remaining facade of the St. Tropez apartment building at 346 East 63rd Street.  While pondering the rubble in the street, many wondered about their own safety on New York City sidewalks.

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Risks Posed by Falling Bricks Hit New York City Street

New York City’s Building Code sets forth the various measures building owners must take to protect the structural integrity of a building. The Facade Law points out the various hazards that can afflict a building as it ages and shifts in its foundation.

In addition, strong winds can throw loose stones and debris off a building ledge.

All stonework and building materials must be regularly checked and repaired in order to keep the streets and sidewalks safe from falling bricks.

When bricks or building siding does fall, alert New Yorkers should promptly move far away from the building, where safety can be found.

If bricks fell in your neighborhood, the hazardous condition should be promptly reported to NYC’s Building Department or by calling 911.

If falling bricks hit and injured you or a loved one, promptly seek the medical attention required.  Then contact our personal injury law firm for a free consultation about filing a claim for compensation. 

Construction Site owners and Landlords can be held financially responsible for the medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering of anyone hit by a brick or other falling building component.

Our New York building safety attorneys investigate the reason bricks fell, as well as the long term effect of injuries to the person struck.

Contact us today about a building or sidewalk injury in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens or beyond.

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