New York Cable Car Accident Lawyers

New York Cable Car Accident Lawyers

New York Cable Car Accident Lawyers

Hurt on a Gondola or Chair Lift?

Cable cars are an innovative means of transportation across impassable terrain.

Manhattan’s Tram utilizes cable cars to transport New Yorkers across the Hudson River, to and from Roosevelt Island.

In addition, cable cars are used to ferry ski and snow boarders up a snowy mountainside.  The hazards involved in exiting a moving gondola while on snow skis is readily apparent.

Now, a new cable car is under development in Albany.  The gondolas are expected to provide panoramic views of the Albany skyline and Hudson River.  This massive public works project will provide to up to 1,200 rides per hour.

While the usefulness of cable cars is well established, there remains a risk of serious bodily injury if an accident should occur.

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New York Cable Car Accident Lawyers

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