New York Dump Truck Accident Lawyers

New York Dump Truck Accident Lawyers

New York Dump Truck Accident Lawyers

Hurt in a dump truck accident?

Dump trucks are used to transport debris, gravel, rocks, sand and more.

A loaded dump truck can weigh several tons.  Due to the hefty weight and load of a dump truck, these vehicle present unique hazards.

Whether driving on the roadways or working at a construction site, extra caution should be taken in the vicinity of a dump truck.

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New York Dump Truck Accident Lawyers

A dump truck carrying a heavy load overturned in Manchester Township, New Jersey.  The cargo truck’s load of rock and stone spilled onto a nearby car, crushing its roof.  The shocked driver was dug out by rescuers, while her passenger was able to escape by herself.

Our New York dump truck accident lawyers represent injury victims in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, NYC and beyond.

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