Manhattan Accidents

Manhattan Accident Lawyers

Manhattan Accident Lawyers

If you are hurt in a Manhattan accident, promptly seek any emergency medical attention necessary.

In addition to helping you recover, medical treatment provides important evidence for use in court.

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Our Manhattan accident lawyers file personal injury lawsuits at the New York County Supreme Court, 60 Centre Street, downtown by City Hall.

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Plaintiff’s Press is our New York City personal injury blog.  In this segment, we feature local accident and injury cases of interest.  Some of these cases are litigated by our own attorneys.  However other cases are headline grabbers for the unique circumstance of the case.

These cases showcase the variety of personal injury claims that arise in such a diverse city.  Common cases include construction site and motor vehicle accidents, as well as sidewalk slip & falls.  But there is no limit to the unique circumstances we encounter.

Manhattan is also home to some of the nation’s most high profile litigation.  Many large businesses have corporate offices in this borough. Additionally, many actors, professional athletes and other celebrities call Manhattan home.

If you need a free case evaluation, call us to speak with a Manhattan accident lawyer today.  We will provide a prompt telephone consultation.  However if you prefer, you can schedule an appointment to visit our office at Rockefeller Center.  But don’t delay.  The statute of limitations restricts the amount of time you have to file a claim for personal injuries in New York.

Manhattan Accident Lawyers

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Hospital Lost Body of Stillborn Baby

A New York hospital has been sued for negligence following the bizarre and suspicious disappearance of the corpse of a stillborn baby. In her court filing, the mother alleged NY Presbyterian Hospital lost the body around the time an autopsy was scheduled to be performed. Accidents · Injury Call or Text: […]

Medical Mistake

New York Crowd Injury Lawyers

New York Crowd Injury Lawyers Accidents · Injury Call or Text: (212) 221-9893 Hurt in a Crowd of People or Stampede? Loud Noise Sets Off Panic at Crowded Penn Station Mayhem ensued at Penn Station in April 2017 when a loud noise sent everyone running.  However, the noise was not a bomb […]

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New York Theater Fire Lawyers

New York Theater Fire Lawyers Accidents · Injury Call or Text: (212) 221-9893 Hurt in a Theater Fire? ● smoke inhalation ● burned by flames ● burned by equipment Call our New York theater fire lawyers for a free legal consultation today. Long Island’s Sag Harbor Cinema was burned out by […]

New York Fire Exit Saftey Laws

George Washington Bridge Accident Lawyers

George Washington Bridge Accident Lawyers. The George Washington Bridge (“GWB”) is a double-decker bridge connecting Northern New Jersey and Upper Manhattan.  The bridge, which dates back to the 1920s, accommodates more than 100 million vehicles per year, making it one of the busiest bridges in the world. The speed limit […]

NYC Accident & Injury Lawyers

Volunteer from Audience Hurt in Accident

New York Audience Injury Lawyers. New York City is a global capital of live theater performances.  From Broadway shows in Times Square, to concert halls, comedy clubs and sports arenas, NYC’s entertainment industry offers something for everyone. However, when an audience member is hurt in an accident, the event can […]

Serious Injury Lawyer New York City

New York Fire Escape Injury Lawyers – Broken Fire Escape Accident?

New York Fire Escape Injury Lawyers. Thousands of buildings in New York City are equipped with cast iron fire escapes.  These emergency evacuation systems are intended to make homes and office buildings more safe. However, when a fire escape is outdated or poorly maintained, its existence may in fact make […]

New York Fire Escape Injury Lawyers

Can an NYC Employee Sue the City for a Work Injury?

Under certain circumstances, an NYC Employee Can Sue the City of New York for a work injury. Ordinarily, when an employee is hurt at work, they cannot sue their employer. Instead, the injured employee will need to file a Workers Compensation claim to cover lost wages, medical bills and other expenses.  […]

NYC Accident & Injury Lawyers

This Ailment Makes a Pin Drop Sound Like an Explosion

New York Hyperacusis Lawyers. Hyperacusis is a condition that causes the ear to greatly amplifies sound.  For people suffering from this condition, the sound of a door closing softly can sound like a large explosion. If you have been diagnosed with Hyperacusis as a result of an accident, call our personal […]

New York Accident Lawyers

Surprise Plunge Into An Ice Cold Danger

Frozen Lake Accident Lawyers.  When a lake ices over, the magical scene can look like a winter wonderland.  However, walking on a frozen lake or pond is extremely dangerous.  Those who do so risk a possible fall through the ice and potential drowning. Hurt in a Fall Through Ice? Call […]

Serious Injury Lawyer New York City

Scalding Hot Water Burns Restaurant & Hotel Guests

New York Scalding Water Burn Lawyers. Burned by hot water?  People love hot water in the shower and for coffee or tea.  However, when the water is too hot it can cause serious injury. Scalding water burns are very painful, and can require the burn victim to apply cooling and […]

burn accident & injury attorneys

Lead Poisoning Lawyers Shocked by NYC Public School Water

Our New York lead poisoning lawyers investigate toxic minerals found in household drinking water. New York City health officials have reported high lead levels in water samples taken at a public school on Manhattan’s Roosevelt Island. Public School / Intermediate School (PS/IS) 217 saw at least 8 faucets sealed in […]

New York Lung Injury Lawyers

2nd Avenue Subway’s Rush to Open May Compromise Safety

2nd Avenue Subway Injury Lawyer.  New York City’s Second Avenue Subway is celebrating its January 1, 2017 launch date. NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo has publicly promoted the new train line opening on time, on New Year’s Day. Officials from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and New York construction contractors are working […]

2nd Avenue Subway Construction Injury